About us

About us

Based on AI CNN Deep Learning technology´╝îAiUnion develops FaceAI system for face capturing, face recognizing, identity enrolling and matching. AiUnion develops the differentiated AI solutions for the different industry fields, such as public security, bank, factory, building etc., and integrated with big data analysis and cloud system. Our vision is to create a win-win value with partners and customers in the new AI era.

System Products

  • Dynamic Facial Recognition
  • Crowd Behavior Analysis
  • 3D People Counter & Density
  • Vehicle Attributes Recognition and Big Data Analysis

Technical features

  • Innovative and advanced AI deep learning technology with highly generalization ability, dynamic, and accurate.
  • Extremely wide image capture angles, partial masking of object, high-speed identification performance.
  • Flexible deployment structure for deploying AI recognition systems on site or in the cloud.
  • Structural analysis of image features and big data applications: including facial features, human attributes, vehicle characteristics, etc.

Application area

  • Public security, criminal investigation, security monitoring, identity verification, employee attendance management, access control, big data analysis, business customer relationship management, etc.
  • Smart city, smart airport, smart station, smart transportation, road safety, smart park, smart campuse, smart retail, smart bank, smart building, smart community, and other different industries.